Confrontation with Grayson - art by Mikey Marchan at Design Pickle

4×05 Conversations and Confrontations

In the season finale, as Sam and Geoff arrived in Sulphur to interview Tanya McCoy, they receive a FaceTime call from Detective Valerie James about a fifth murder. The two talk with Tanya about ghost stories in Sulphur, Ada, Blackwell, and other small towns, as well as the Skirvin Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City. A few days after the interview, Geoff requests Sam to join him outside the Norman Public Library, where Geoff plans to confront George Grayson.

The Hauntings of Flower Bluff Manor - art by Janine De Guzman at Design Pickle

4×04 I’m Here at Flower Bluff Manor

Sam and Geoff travel to Sulphur, Oklahoma where they meet Linda and Emily to talk about Flower Bluff Manor as well as other tales of the town. During a tour of the bed and breakfast, Sam captured an EVP from one of the residents.

After touring the manor, Sam and Geoff meet with Detective Valerie James in regards to a fourth murder victim.

Cutting Away at The Hatchet House - art by Mikey Marchan for Tales Unveiled

4×03 Cutting Away at the Hatchet House

Sam and Geoff meet up with Ryan Fogle of Ride OKC at a new coffee shop called NEON in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. From there, Ryan leads the group a few blocks north to the corner of NW 18st Street and Carey Place where they discuss the murder at the Hatchet House. Sam and Geoff get a call from Detective Valerie James and they began to notice a pattern in the murders.

4×02 The Gravity of Davis

Sam and Geoff travel to Wynnewood where they interview paranormal investigator John Mcqulliam. They talk about the Eskridge Hotel, Turner Falls, and the Lady in White at Veteran’s Lake. After the interview, Sam and Geoff visit Oklahoma’s other gravity hill, Magnetic Hill in Springer. Then as they’re heading home, Sam receives a voicemail from Detective Valerie James about a second murder.

Dead Woman's Crossing - art by Janine De Guzman at Design Pickle

4×01 Dead Woman’s Crossing

In the season four premiere, Sam and Geoff travel to Weatherford, Oklahoma to meet Nathan Gunter at the Heartland of America Museum on Route 66. After touring the historical museum, Nathan takes Sam and Geoff to the location known as Dead Woman’s Crossing.

3×11 Unlocking The Box

In the season three finale of Tales Unveiled, Sam invites Geoff to the TSSN studios’ storage room to see if there are any tools to help the professor open the mysterious box he received on Halloween. Inside, they find some documents from someone they didn’t expect to hear from.

3×10 Relics of the 45th

Inspired by his fortune, Geoff invites Sam to visit with Michael Gonzales at the 45th Infantry Division Museum. The museum’s curator talks about his first encounter and the findings of paranormal investigators who have visited.

3×09 Voices in Shawnee

Sam and Geoff visit with Tanya McCoy, author of the new Haunted Shawnee book, for stories about the town. They discuss tales about the Aldridge Hotel, the ghosts roaming Shawnee’s train tracks, Oklahoma’s mining towns, and how to keep dark spirits from following.

3×07 A Personal Ghost Tour of Fort Washita – Part 1

With Fort Washita closed and no plans for any ghost tours, Sam organizes an interview for storytellers to share their tales. In this first of two parts, hear the history of the fort and spooky tales involving the parade grounds, vanishing dogs, the west barracks, the blacksmith shop, and the spring-well head.